Let’s be honest....when people first visit any church meeting they often wonder what they are going to experience and what the people will be like. We have all been there ourselves!

At Destiny you will find we are all pretty normal! The first thing you can expect is a warm welcome and the atmosphere to be personal and relaxed. Our stewards and welcome team will greet you at the door, answer any questions that you may have, show you where things are and help you find the best seat in the house!

For parents with babies, we understand some of the challenges. Therefore we have a great area, complete with a video link to the main auditorium, where you can relax but still feel part of things and enjoy the meeting.

You will find people of all ages, all walks of life and various nationalities - students to nurses, business people to engineers etc. People dress casually and the atmosphere is informal, contemporary and lively!

We want you to feel non-pressured and comfortable when you visit so don’t worry we won’t ask you to do anything embarrassing like stand up and speak. Come, meet people, relax and enjoy!

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